Acton Children's Business Fair
Acton Children's Business Fair
  • Start a Children's Business Fair in your community.

    It's easier than you think.
Acton Children's Business Fair is a culmination of ideas and hard work from great young minds. Kids develop a brand, create a product or service, build a marketing strategy, and then open for customers at our one-day marketplace. 


If you can put together a lemonade stand, you can host a fair

You don’t have to be a professional event planner to host a Children’s Business Fair. Our resources are designed to make it simple, easy, and fun to start a fair. Plus, it’s free. In fact, we’ll send you money to host a fair. Here’s what we offer:

Access to forums full of resources, tips and best practices from over 400 hosts worldwide

Your own custom website to make registration a breeze

Step-by-Step Guidebook

Pre-Made Marketing Templates

Up to $500 in prize money after your fair ($10/booth for the first 25 booths and $5/booth thereafter)


Sign up and reserve your fair

 Create an account and gain access to our user friendly control panel where you can collect registration, edit your website, and access resources. Reserve your fair date through the simple setup process and start spreading the word about your fair. 

 -Instant, easy setup

-Fairs of all sizes

-Pre-made marketing materials

-Review booth applications

Customize and publish your fair website

Not a tech person? No problem! Our simple, fill-in-the-blank setup makes it easy to create and publish a professional-looking website in a matter of minutes. 

-Mobile friendly

-Easily build code-free websites

-Modern style

Start collecting booth applications

If you plan on charging a booth fee, collect secure payments from entrepreneurs, straight to you with built-in payment processing via PayPal. Get notified of new booth applications and contact requests, and review, accept, or reject applications from your control panel.

-Manage registration

-Integrate PayPal

-Export entrepreneur and contact request data

-Receive notifications when an application is submitted

Prepare for your fair

You are in control of the size of your fair, if you’d like to collect booth fees, and much more.  Use our step-by-step guidebook as a blueprint for hosting your fair. If you get stuck along the way, collaborate with hosts in our community forum for the best tips, tricks, and advice.

-Full access to Toolkit
-Collaborate with 400+ hosts worldwide
-Community support

Tell us how it went

Send us your pictures and feedback, and we’ll send you up to $500 in prize money. You can use this money to help offset hosting costs or give awards to the best business. Now repeat!

 -$10 per booth for the first 25 booths and $5 per booth thereafter up to $500

-Direct deposits available
-Receive prize money for each fair you host


To get started, complete our easy audition process. Here’s what you can expect:

Tell us about yourself

In this simple step, you’ll tell us the basics – where you’d like to host a fair and when you plan to launch.

Tell us about your fair

In a short video, you’ll tell us why you want to start a Children’s Business Fair and how you will attract other interested families. Don’t feel pressured to make it perfect. We just want to get to know you!

Get ready to launch!

Complete the audition and receive the resources to host your fair. Now the fun begins! 

Ready to Host an Acton Children's Business Fair?